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Aida Pastrana’~ Born in Utuado, Puerto Rico Aida is the newest literary sensation to join the AIS Entertainment & 901 Entertainment family. A Trenton resident for more than 25 years, this proud mother of two balances her life around her work, family, staying fit and her love for the literary arts. Her highly anticipated debut novel Internal Wounds set for re-release in 2013 is one of a two part series which she actually wrote over five years ago. This fiction piece is a promised page turner and readers will be anxiously waiting to read its sequel.

Sleeping dogs should be left to lie for when they wake the bite is vicious. Clinging to all hopes of life Zena gets more than she bargains for. Will Zena reclaim the life she once enjoyed? With Danny loose in the streets and his secrets spreading like wildfire, things may be changing as they both know it. Still with a fire of desire raging through Zena, she has yet to extinguish her past flames. Her lovers Carlos, Nelly and Sean petition for a heart that is locked away in a web of deceit, abuse, and neglect. Who can Zena trust, who does she turn to? In a desperate effort to take back what was stolen, Zena does the unexpected. Everyone will need to play their part. Is her plan strong enough to stop her abuser? Will Zena ever be whole again? The sequel to Internal Wounds is a heart wrenching tear jerker suspense that will grab on your heart strings while giving you the power to say enough is enough!

“A great read, read the detailed thoughts of a troubled and wounded soul. A real story that hits home hard”.

- Author David Santiago of Urban Fiction News and author of “Plastic Sistas”

“She is an extraordinary writer with passion, who introduced an instruction manual to sound track of Zena's life, who earned her PH.D in “Living” what an offerring to the king”.

- P.L.G.

"Internal Wounds is definitely a page turner. The moment I picked it up, putting it down became my challenge. If you thought part 1 was heart wrenching, wait until you see how Zena maneuvers through these pages in part 2. The Author snatched my attention and held it, as she bought this awesome fiction to life. She showcased her literary talents in each character. We all can relate to someone in this novel, either directly or indirectly and that's what makes it so amazing! I honestly can't wait to see what's next for Aida Perez, an astonishing author”.

–Tamara Morris

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